How Creators Build Vibrant Communities.

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Creators use Highlight to build members-only clubs that engage, connect, and reward their most loyal supporters.

Using NFTs, memberships and benefits become tradable assets on an open, global marketplace, with revenue splits on every sale.

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Highlight helps musicians, influencers, artists, and other creators build engagement around their creative process and major milestones.

Members get access to NFT assets, limited-run merchandise, pre-sale tickets, live experiences, and other valuable benefits.

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How it Works


Creators design a custom-branded community with a set number of memberships and unique rewards.


Their biggest fans join by buying membership NFTs.


Members get early and exclusive access to gated content and benefits.


Benefits, including membership itself, can be sold to fans outside the community, earning a revenue split for the creator.


Over time, membership can grow by expanding tiers and rewarding early supporters.

Are you a creator looking for a better way to engage with your biggest supporters?